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IMG_1956 3I’m glad to have you visiting my website. It is straightforward. Under “What’s on My Mind?” you’ll find a short reflective piece that will change every month or so. Under “Philosophy” you’ll find my C.V. (curriculum vitae), a comprehensive list of my education, professional experience, and publications. “Social Justice” gives you an idea of my activities and interests both professionally and personally, “Teaching” briefly explains my approach, “Music” includes the ensembles and bands I participate with, and “Signs of the Times” offers a glimpse into cultural peculiarities I encounter. “Family,” “Travel,” and “Photos” are self-explanatory.

I taught philosophy full-time from 1971 to 2011, when I was promoted to permanent sabbatical. I continue teaching one course each fall but now have more time for reading, writing, music, travel, giving talks, and volunteering.

You may reach me via email: